Trust Gaming GXT 628 120 Watts 2.1 Gaming Speakers for PC, Wii, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3, Illuminated with LED Lights and Subwoofer

Limited Edition 2.1 Gaming speakers set with pulsating LED illuminated subwoofer. High quality sound, overwhelming bass and an impressive illuminated design: the Trust Gaming GXT 628 2.1 Speaker Set combines these features and brings your gaming experience to the highest level. The GXT 628 can be easily connected to your PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 or TV. Booming Bass & Tunable Sound. With its 120 watts of peak power the GXT 628 creates an unbelievable wall of sound! The wooden subwoofer with 7-inch driver produces bass you can feel. The two satellite speakers are designed to display the middle and high tones crisp and clear. The bass level is tunable and can be adjusted easily on the control

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